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The Cardboard Bed

The Cardboard Bed

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What cats really want? They want cardboard boxes!

You already bought the fluffiest, fanciest bed for your cat, but she/he completely ignored it. They just -don't care- how much you spent on the carefully designed cat furniture. But they happily jump into the first delivery box you left unattended for a moment. Why?

Because cats LOVE cardboards.

So we decided to create a perfectly sized special corrugated cardboard box to give them what they really want.

Why this box? 

- Special Meow Town print to make it a little bit 'fancy'. Cute cats and paws all over.

- Special sizing. After some research, we have decided to create our custom sized box, which is suitable for adult cats and kittens too. 42cm x 32cm x 12cm . Plenty of space. 

- White outside, brown inside, single wall corrugated cardboard. Much prettier than a regular delivery box :)

- No need to DIY, absolutely ready to use

- Easy to disassemble (foot lock tray, no glue, no tape is involved)

- Double pleasure - To protect it during the shipping, your brand new box will arrive in a:  box :D - however it won't be that fancy, but will bring some extra fun and play time for sure.

-Clean and tidy - no more home made scissor cuts and tears. It is just as purrrfect as a cat and human can ever dream about.

Cardboard Bed & Cushion: Comes with our superb "Soft Cushion" blanket for the full comfort. Just fluffy enough to keep your kitty warm and super comfy. Approx cushion size: 50 X 32 cm.

Cardboard Bed Only - If your kitty has his/her one and only favourite blanket already.
You can also choose our Medium Kitty Blanket  for the extra comfort (we recommend to fold it in half for an extra soft cushion and to fit into your box properly)


Customer's feedbacks: 

Leo, Essex, 06/10/20: "Meow Meow Meeeoow meo? Purr purrrrrr... purr."

Smoky, Edinburgh, 10/10/20: "Mow Mow, Mrr, Pur? Pr........Mew!"

Nala, Paris, 11/10/20: "Miaou! Miaaaaaaaou, Mau...prprprrrrrr.... pprrr.....pur pur pur purrrrr....prprrrrrrr...mau"

Lily, Swansea, 25/10/20: "Wraaaoo? Purpurrrr! Maorrr Mew Meooow Mew"

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