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Meow Town

Nail Decal Set

Nail Decal Set

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A pawsome set of water slider nail decals with cute black kitties.
Hundreds of adorable black cats in various designs, 12 sets of stickers in total!
A perfect accessory for the Festive season/ Halloween party, or everyday use for any black cat lover ladies!
How to use it?
You will need a small cup of water, scissors, tweezers and lint-free cloth or wipes. Clean the area where you would like to stick the design. Carefully cut the required picture around, peel off the transparent protective film and place the paper inside the water. After about 20-30 seconds, take it out carefully with the tweezers. The image should now easily slide off the paper (if not, put it back for another 15 seconds). Now you can use the tweezers to put it carefully on your nail. Then, gently pat it with the wipes to make sure there is no water stuck behind it and sticks properly. Cover the design with a transparent layer of nail polish or gel to seal it.

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