Iron-On Patch

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Adorable embroidered iron-on kitty patches in various designs. 
A perfect way to bring new life to your old garments or to cover small holes or marks with these cute kittens!
Please choose required design from the drop-down menu.
Glue is already applied to the back of the design, you can simply iron these patches on to the fabric (use the highest temperature setting which your fabric can resist). We recommend you to put a teflon sheet (baking paper or a thin layer of fabric) between the iron and the fabric (if you use the patch to cover a hole, put one teflon sheet under the hole to avoid sticking the patch to your next layer of fabric). 
Apply medium pressure and iron for 20 seconds. Flip it over and iron it from the other side as well. Repeat the steps if it did not adhere completely. Please do not use on delicate fabric which cannot stand high temperature of ironing. If ironing is not an option, alternatively you can also sew it on to the fabric.
Dimensions: ~5.5cm height