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Harness Blue / Pink

Harness Blue / Pink

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An easy to use and safe cat harness with reflective stripes.
Comes with rope in matching colour.
Stainless steel hook for rope.
Durable buckle, easy to connect, and to take it off.
Breathable mesh fabric (polyester).
Adjustable bust.
Neck is not adjustable, and you have to pull it through your cat's head, so please consider this when choosing size. Before ordering, please measure your cat.

Please note, we are unable to exchange or refund opened and tried / used items due to hygienic reasons. Please measure your pet before ordering!

S - Small - Bust: 26-32cm Neck: 24cm - Pet weight 1.5-2.5kg
M - Medium - Bust: 38-48cm Neck: 28cm - Pet weight 2.5-4kg
L- Large - Bust: 46-60cm Neck: 34cm - Pet weight 4-6kg

If this is your first time trying to walk with your cat, please be patient. First thing is to make sure that the harness is the good size for them, not too large so your cat is safe in it, and not to small, so they can walk and breath just as normal. After you put the harness on, your little friend needs to get used to it, and it won't happen straight away. You might want to try it out at home a couple of times, or in your garden, and when both of you feel a bit more comfortable, you can try to go outside on a quiet time and area without disruptions such as people, cars, dogs. Older cats usually adapt slower than younger cats. If your cat doesn't want to walk, and seems to be very nervous, and this is not improving after some trials, please do not force the walking.
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