The Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Kitty

Christmas is just around the corner and you have no idea what to buy for your beloved furry friend?
No worries, we've got you covered! Our handy gift guide will give you purrrfect ideas on fantastic cat toys, cosy beds and accessories. They will bring a lot of fun into your home for sure!

Let's see our meowgical selection of Christmas presents for your feline friend:

1. The Stocking

cat reindeer stocking for christmas paw stocking for cats christmas

First, you will need the purrrfect stocking with plenty of space for the goodies. These stockings are suitable for gifting any small/medium sized items such as teasers, mice, interactive ball, chew toys or catnip. Choose from the cute Red stocking with a kitty wearing reindeer antlers or the lovely Blue with checked pattern paw design. 

2. Felt Cave Bed
felt cave bed for cats igloo house

A beautifully made, unique, modern, kitty shaped felt house with a removable comfy pillow. Easy to assemble due to its unique zipper design. A really stylish bed for your furry friend which will fit into all interiors perfectly.

3. Christmas Toys Collection

christmas toy collection for catsA lovely collection of Christmas style toys for your four-pawed friend. 10 pieces of various toys such as balls and chew toys. Your cat will be over the moon and back! 

4. Cat Tree

cat tree beige scratching post tower for cats christmas present

A cat tower is probably one of the best present you can imagine for your kitty. You will provide a fun climbing experience and scratching opportunity for your furball which will distract him/her from climbing on your Christmas tree (so you might want it to be a pre-Christmas present:)) :) Features high quality sisal scratching posts and two hideaway cat houses. Available in two colours. Fast UK shipping!

5. Mice In Santa Hats

cat toy mice in santa hats mouse christmas

Bring some festive vibe to your little friend with this funny cat toy. Here is an adorable pair of mini mice in cute Santa hats. They make a  cracking noise when your cat plays with it. It makes them super exciting to chew and play with, your cat will be in love! Especially, because it contains some catnip as well :)

6. Catnip

meow town catnip high strength canadian pure catnip

Catnip induces a harmless euphoric state in cats that lasts for 5-15 minutes. The aroma will encourage exercise and playful behaviour, for some cats it can help to relax. It can help to encourage your cat to scratch on appropriate surfaces or bring their interest back to old toys. Yummy!

7. Rainbow Tunnel Toys Bundle

rainbow tunnel with cat toys bundle gift for cats

The ultimate fun! A superb toy collection with a collapsible twisted rainbow tunnel. A large selection of colourful mice, balls, teasers with various features and materials. Meow!

8. Food Bowl

cat food bowl angle white  
What about a brand new shiny bowl? These stylish stainless steel food bowls have cute cat ears and available in white and blue colours. The 15 degree angle makes it more comfortable for your kitty to eat from. Comfortable to handle wet food, dry food and easy to clean (the steel part is separated from the plastic stand). 
9. Festive Teaser 
christmast tree teaser cat toy rod for cats reindeer cat teaser toy for christmas
Festive style teaser wands with a Christmas Tree and a lovely Reindeer design. A super fun Christmas present for your furry little friend to spend some quality time together. 
10. Mice With Catnip
mice with catnip cat toys christmas gift
Funny multicolour mice stuffed toys. Plush filling contains catnip to make it more interesting for your furry little friend. Great stocking fillers!

Can't find what you are looking for? Have a look on our full For Cats range to see our amazing selection of cat beds, toys, trees and accessories for your furry friend!
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