25 Beautiful Cat Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Get Inked

Do you adore cats as much as we do? Do you like tattoos?

Here is a selection of absolutely stunning cat tattoos which can give you new ideas for your next (or first:)) design.

Cats are often seen as a symbol of rebellion, independence, rebirth or healing. Maybe you want to celebrate your feline friend, or memorialize a pet who has recently passed away.

There are many different styles you might want to consider for example elegant, minimalist designs, solid but modern geometric styles, hyper-realistic, watercolour, cartoon-style arts, and many more.  

This is our collection of 25 beautiful cat tattoos: 


realistic cat tattoo black and white

realistic cat tattoo blue

funny realistic cat tattoo colorful hiding

realistic cat tattoo for cat lovers

realistic cat tattoo sphynx egyptian cat

realistic cute tuxedo cat tattoo


minimal cat outline silhouette tattoo

minimal cat sitting on line tattoo

modern unique cat tattoo

sphynx cat tattoo


geometric cat tattoo unique

Beautiful cat bouquet flower realistic tattoo

Instagram: @fortyonetattoo

sunflower cat tattoo floral

floral cat realistic tattoo with pink flowers

floral cat tattoo realistic

sphynx realistic colourful floral egyptian cat with pink flowers

floral modern style cat tattoo


agata zlotko cat tattoo cute cartoon style

nstagram: @agatazlotko

cartoon illustration style cat tattoo

illustration style cat tattoo

colourful modern watercolour cat tattoo

colour splash watercolour cat tattoo


avocato funny cute cat tattoo avocado style 
 Instagram: @toothboytattoos

realistic cartoon style orange cat tattoo

cat with wine glass champagne funny tattoo

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