Hilarious Cat Beards To Brighten Your Monday

Here is our top 10 collection of people with funny cat beards to make your day a bit better:)
Fancy to do yours? All you need to do is have your furry friend very close in front, covering half of your face. When your kitty looks up, his/her nose/mouth creates a super funny expression and the chin looks like a nice beard on your face. Show us yours by sending a pm to our Insta or Face account, or via email :)

Let's see our favourites so far:

1.The surprised one

surprised cat beard funny

2. One who is glad to see you :)

funny cat beard smiling

3. Happy whiskers! 

funny cat beard photo top 10

4. One who is a bit exhausted..

cat beard woman photo white cat

5. The close up

cat beard close up

6. The one who is frightened.

beard photo with a cat

7. Daydreaming..

white cat from underneath cat beard

8. The surprised one

funny cat beard collection

9. This kitty fits to his face like our balaclava :D

happy cat beard photo funny

10. Best friends having fun together :)

funny cat beard photo
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