7 Fascinating Black Cat Myths And Facts

1. Black Cats = Bad Luck ? Why?

Many people tend to associate black cats with bad luck, however the exact origin of the black cat myth is uncertain. It might be originated from medieval times, when people were afraid from animals with dark feathers or fur such as crows, because they signaled death.
In the Middle Ages, in Europe, it was thought that black cats were reincarnated witches, and they were the cause of bad luck. Alley cats were often fed and cared by those ladies who were later accused of witchery.

cat halloween witch moon night

2. Black Cats = Good Luck ?

Nowadays many cultures tend to associate black cats with good luck. Let’s see some examples:

In Scotland, it signals good luck and prosperity if a black cat comes to your doorstep.
In the English Midlands a black cat is considered to be a good luck wedding present.
In France, according to the superstition, something magical will happen if you spot a black cat, and by feeding and treating them well, will bring good luck to you.
In Northern Europe, sailors believe that a black cat signals safe journey and fair weather on the sea (But if the cat walks on board and back off, the ship is going to sink)
In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from left to the right it will bring you good luck (and bad luck if it crosses right to the left)
In Japan, black cats are thought to bring suitors for single women. You’ll have luck in finding love if you spot one.

Black kitten yellow eyes at home photo

3. Black Cats = Yellow Eyes ?

Black cats typically have yellow eyes due to melanism. The large amount of melanin in these cats is what causes their fur to be that black. This melanin causes their irises to be yellow!

Black cat snow winter photo

4. Black Cats = Look Different In Sunlight ?

Some black cats such as the Bombay are true black cats, others are Tabbies. If your black cat looks more like dark brown in the sunlight or you can spot some light striped pattern, probably your cat’s tabby pattern is not completely repressed. If tabby black cats spend too much time in the sun, it is possible that their fur shade is turning cinnamon or brownish-red. 
To be a real black cat, two dominant black color genes have to overpower the tabby pattern that leads to multiple fur colors.
Tabby black cat street photo

5. Black Cats = Better Immune System?

Yes, according to research, they supposedly have a stronger immune system than other cats. They appear to be more resistant against diseases like FIV, and have more resiliency against other illnesses.
Beautiful black cat nature photo

6. Black Cats = Difficult To Photograph ?

Nowadays black cat owners face another issue than bad luck, it is: bad lighting. So here is a few advice to avoid your black cat to look like a blob on your Instagram photos :
- Minimalist backgrounds, so you can make your kitty stand out.
- No bright, no direct sunlight (it will make harsh shadows). Photograph in soft, diffuse light.
-Try to make your furball to have its eyes open.
-On a phone, tap on your cat's face, then use the sun icon to brighten up.
Black cat black background yellow eyes

7. Black Cats = Last In Adoption ?

It is very common to think that black cats are the last in line to find their forever homes. However, the intake of black cats is also much higher than other colours. This makes it appear that they’re being adopted out less frequently. On the other hand, many people still have concerns about black cats due to superstitions, so please spread the word how great these cats really are. They are just like any other cats, and they have nothing to do with black magic, witches, or bad luck, for sure.
Cute black kitten street photo
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