20 Hilarious Liquid Cats Defying All Laws Of Physics

Yaay, here comes another heatwave!

Cats can appear in many different forms and defy all laws of physics depending on the circumstances. They can fit into the tightest spaces , squeeze themselves into impossible places, or stretch for twice the length they normally are.

Did you know that cat's spines are very flexible, surrounded with strong muscles and excessive skin which makes them able to contract and expand their body just like a spring? Being able to squeeze into tiny spaces can be a great way to protect themselves from predators, but it is also handy when hunting. 
These furballs can surprise us every single day with their funny sleeping poses and brighten our day. 

Here is our collection of 20 hilarious photos of liquid-y kitties to make you smile :)

Hey human, your cat has melted!! 
 liquid cat laying on sofa chair funny kitty
white funny kitty has melted from his cat bed

Sleepy furball feeling just a bit too hot in his bed :)
sleepy liquid cat in funny sleeping pose
Afternoon siesta with my buddy
 sleppy cat and kitten in funny liquid pose
This tuxedo baby might be a weirdo but omg he's so adorable! Look at that stretch! :)
cute tuxedo cat is stretching in his human's hand
These elongated furbabies are so pretty and they know it!

bengal cat stretched showing off pretty belly
long stretched white cat funny liquid cats collection
Afternoon nap on the windowsill

cat in windowsill afternoon nap cute liquid cat
Oh that seems to be very comfy! And he's got a special duvet set especially for him :)
long black cat on bed liquid kitty collection
Afternoon chill outdoors for this liquid-y kitty :)
outdoor cat sleeping elongated liquid form

When you cannot decide what you want, you will just stay half way in and half way out :)
grey cat half way in half way out of his bed british blue

I'm a neck warmer now I guess!

cat scarf liquid orange cat

This bowl cannot hold that amount of fluff inside :)

fluffy orange cat sitting in a bowl

Not really sure how this pose can be comfortable :D

cute cat sitting funny on sofa arm corner

Two furballs unveiled! So this is how they do it!

liquid cats in bowl

If my fluff fits, I sits! If it does not, well, I sits anyway:D

liquid fluffy cat in a container
orange white cat takes the shape of container liquid cats
sleeping white cat in transparent bowl

I guess the only thing which can help now is the sound of the treat bag:D

 grey sleeping kitten in his bed in funny pose

This space is for my fluffy belly right? You are not allowed to touch it though! :)

fluffy belly on funny liquid cat
If you have a favourite liquid cat photo or you have one from your cat, please send it to us to: info@meowtown.co.uk so we can share it with cat lover people on our social media :)
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